Our Final Days in DR- Part 2…Plantas Medicinales

7 Mar

Plantas Medicinales

With over 200 plants we had cultivated from seed, we needed to consider what we would do with them.  Transplanting them was out of the question (you can read more about that in my last post here).  Renzo had considered giving them to his mentor Jose Ramon, but Jose has a really crazy schedule running the pharmacy and we didn’t want to overwhelm him.  Renzo ultimately decided he’d like to give the plants to his Tio Rafelito.  Rafelito is very knowledgeable about agriculture and has a keen interest in natural medicine.  He had also expressed to Renzo that he was thinking of opening a vivero (plant shop).  Plus Rafelito has a flexible schedule with some spare time on his hands and the ability to care for the plants properly.  It felt like the right decision.  It was so sad packing up all the plants though…felt like giving our babies away, but we both felt they were going to a good home.  We asked Tio Rafelito to take care of the plants for us and we gave him plenty of seeds as well.  We hope to visit our plants sometime in the future and see how they are doing!

Here are some final pics of the plants & the hand off to Tio Rafelito:

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What a learning experience this has been!  While it was hard to let go of the plants we had nurtured so lovingly for the past 5 months, we are looking forward to using the knowledge we’ve gained to start over again here in NYC.  It’s nice to be arriving back just in time for the warmer weather.


PS- Check out my next post (Part 3) which is all about the conclusion of our mural project!!!

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