Our Final Days in DR- Part 1

7 Mar

We’ve been back in NY for just a few days but we are already adjusting back into city life in the good ole USA.  Last week was so busy with wrapping up all of our projects in Dominican Republic that I didn’t have much time to put up a post.  However, it is important for me to share with you the culmination of our work there, so here goes (in 3 parts/posts)…

Casita de La Tierra

One of the projects I have wanted to follow up on is our transplanting work on Renzo’s mom’s land.  Our original intention was to take all of the herbs we had grown from seed and transplant them there.  You can click here to read a previous post about the raised beds we dug and the herbs we transplanted there.  Unfortunately when we returned a week after our transplanting work there, we found several calendula plants missing and a bunch of other plantings which had been trampled on.  It soon became clear to us that that land was not secure from people (namely some local teenagers) and animals and that we’d be risking losing more plants if we continued to transplant there.  So we made the choice not to plant anything more there, and opted instead to tend to the plants in containers until we could figure out a better plan.  In the meantime, Renzo’s mom Taty had decided to hire her brother Nelson to build a small traditional casita on the land.  The idea was that Nelson would live there most of the time and be a presence on the land bringing more security to the property.  So although our transplanting was put on hold, the building of the casita presented a unique opportunity for Renzo to learn some traditional construction methods from his uncle.  So, towards the end of our stay in DR Renzo was splitting his time between his internship at Jose Ramon and putting in hours helping Nelson build the casita.  Here are some pics:

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Next post…find out what happened to the 200+ medicinal herbs we cultivated!  Also, final pics of the mural!



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