Catching up!

3 Feb

At first I thought I’d skip it…but then I figured I’d just catch everyone up on what’s been going on…

So a brief recap-

We did have art class this week…and I’ll be writing about that and some other exciting news in my next few posts!

But in the meantime…

I wanted to catch everyone on up on what was going on here in the last 2 weeks of January.

First, we were in Puerto Plata visiting some of my favorite people on the planet, our family friends Thelma and Joe.  We hadn’t been to the beach yet and we’d been here since October, so we thought we’d go stay with them for a few days for my birthday.  Not only that, but my grandfather Poppy, my two cousins Sami & Gary, and my Uncle Eddie, all flew in to visit and spend time by the beach as well.  It was amazing!  Joe and Thelma even let us bring Samba!  It was Gary’s birthday too (same day as mine)!

Some of the highlights were relaxing & swimming at the beach, eating at the Argentinian steakhouse on the malecon, singing karaoke, walking downtown, and bringing Samba on his first trip to the beach.  What a great time we all had!

Here are a few pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well that was our trip!

Check out my next few posts featuring: El Dia de la Virgen de la Altagracia, Watercolor Paintings on La Vereda, and Making Medicine with Jose Ramon!

One Response to “Catching up!”

  1. Sami O'Keefe February 3, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    LOVE your picture of Popi in his Hawaiian shirt. I had such a good time visiting! You are the karaoke queen.

    p.s. i put a couple pics up on my blog too 🙂

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